Local Energy Services Company Teams up with Canadian Technology Company Gateway to Form Partnership with Synodon

Gateway Signs International Partnership Agreement with Canadian Oil and Gas Leak Detection Company

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – February 20, 2015 – Gateway announces that it will be signing a partnership agreement with Synodon Inc. (“Synodon”) [TSXV-SYD]. Gateway is an Oklahoma-based energy services company with 18+ years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, and Synodon is a Canadian advanced airborne pipeline integrity management services company with a proprietary oil and gas leak detection technology.

In addition to offering pipeline construction and reclamation experience and expertise, Gateway provides survey, mapping, and drafting services for its clients. Additionally, Gateway uses Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology via a helicopter-mounted platform for certain survey projects. Synodon has developed and patented the industry-leading airborne realSensTM technology that assists pipeline operators with oil and gas leak detection. Synodon also provides other valuable pipeline integrity management information, derived from a suite of instruments co-located on the same aircraft as the realSensTM gas sensor, such as pipeline threat assessment, right-of-way change detection, class location analysis and others.

The crux of the partnership is the marriage of specific assets between the two companies. Through this agreement, the combination of Gateway’s helicopter and industry relationships and Synodon’s realSensTM technology will lead to an unprecedented service offering for both companies. Furthermore, they will jointly market Synodon’s realSensTM aerial integrity management services to oil and gas companies in the United States.

“This agreement is a refreshing news story for the oil and gas industry in the wake of so much bad news about the many halted drilling projects and job cuts,” stated Jimmy McGuire, Owner of Gateway. He continued by saying that, “we are excited for the future of Gateway and Synodon, and our international partnership with them will certainly promote even more progress for the energy sector and lead to better safety for the protection and preservation of pipeline infrastructure.”

"Synodon is very pleased to initiate this collaboration agreement as we value the strong relationships that Gateway has built with more than 120 pipeline operators in the Texas and Oklahoma region over the last 18 years,” says Adrian Banica, CEO of Synodon. He adds that they, “look forward to working closely with Gateway to help bring our realSensTM solutions to their customers as a complement to the standard services which Gateway already provides."

Gateway (www.GatewayOK.com), established in 1997, is an Oklahoma-based energy services company with offices spread throughout Oklahoma and Texas. The company provides services to the oil and gas industry like survey, drafting, mapping, pipeline construction, environmental, and safety. Gateway is able to service much of the midcontinent region with its menu of energy services.

Synodon Inc. (www.synodon.com) is a technology company that has developed an advanced airborne remote gas sensing system called realSensTM, based on technologies developed under the Canadian Space Program and by Synodon scientists. The company currently provides advanced airborne pipeline integrity management services to the oil and gas sector through a suite of services including natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon leak detection, pipeline threat assessments, and waterway crossings analysis among others.


For more information about this partnership, please contact:


Kyle Thompson

Business Project Manager

O: 405.285.5884

C: 580.695.6834

Email: KyleT@GatewayOK.com


David Scharff

Director of Operations

O: 780.966.6987

Email: david.scharff@synodon.com

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