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Fundamental Surface Production & Operations

Learn about the fundamentals of surface production equipment and its proper operation.

Water Management: Sourcing, Permitting, Disposal & Reuse

Presented by three state agencies, this workshop will compare current water use to both historical and future projections of water use, production and disposal for the oil and gas industry in the state of Oklahoma. Dr. Kyle Murray from the Oklahoma Geological Survey will discuss how different regions of the state produce and dispose of water differently and evaluate how this has changed over time. Rob Singletary and Kent Wilkins from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board will discuss sourcing and permitting and touch on different laws affecting operators. Mike Moore and James Phelps from The Oklahoma Corporation Commission will walk through regulatory issues related to Underground Injection Control (UIC), containment and compliance.

Surface Production & Separation Equipment - Kimray / SFI

Kimray and Superior Fabrication, Inc. (SFI) partnered up to present a detailed presentation that highlights different pieces of production and separation equipment used in the oilfield. This workbook contains detailed diagrams of equipment including 2 and 3 phase separators (horizontal and vertical), oil valves, heater treaters and gives diagrammatic overviews of typical oil and gas wells.

Oil & Gas Measurement, Pricing & Hedging

VEGA Americas, Inc. presents on measurement devices and techniques and Devo Capital Management presents on pricing & hedging options

Forms, Rules, Permits and Website Training with OCC and OTC

Everyone could use a little help understanding the forms, rules and regulations that affect the oil & natural gas industry in Oklahoma. This workbook includes instructions from both the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) and the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) about where to find, how to complete and when to submit some of the most common forms associated with operating an oil or gas well in the state. Topics include e-permitting, lease location and database searches with screen captures and step by step instructions on how to properly complete common forms including those for UIC compliance. The Tax Commission has also included a list of their common forms with instructions on how to complete.