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Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) and Air Regulations Update

Highlights of SPCC rules, regulations and common violations as well as permitting information of air regulations in OK, TX and KS.

Surface Production & Separation Equipment - Kimray / Cimarron

Kimray and Cimarron Energy partnered up to present a workshop on the structure and function of common separation and production equipment. Workbook does not include instructional type material, but has many labeled diagrams.

Practical Applications of Bioremediation for the Small Operator

This workbook highlights simple and economical methods to mitigate small spills using local or on-hand resources. Oklahoma State University, BEACON Environmental Assistance Corporation and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission include presentations on when to report, how to contain, who to notify and what to do if you have new or old spills containing hydrocarbons or saltwater. The workbook covers basic chemistry and simple calculations that make finding the right solution accessible to the small operator.

ESPs in the Oilfield Part 1 - Function, Operation & Components

This workbook covers the history and evolution of Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) in the oilfield and describes situations where ESPs are most useful. It also describes equipment associated with an ESP system and describes both function and operation of specific components. The workbook contains numerous detailed graphics, charts and pump curves with limited engineering info to help you calculate lift per stage. Critical vocabulary and key components are pictured and described.