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SOER Callaway Performance Wear (Women's Magnetic Blue and Iron Gate Grey)


Water repellent 1/4 Zip Mock Jacket from the Callaway Standard Collection * Classic look with roomier fit * Baby pique interlock which weaves a layer of raised parallel cords to battle the elements * Reflective-tape stripe on each shoulder and each forearm * Callaway Repel is created from lightweight materials and resists wind and water * Callaway Shield gives your skin superior protection against the sun's UV rays (UPF 50) * 100% polyester * Callaway Tour logo on the right sleeve * SOER logo on the left chest * Machine washable



Sustaining Oklahoma's Energy Resources (SOER) works to encourage new processes or technological advancements to sustain the oil and natural gas industry in the future for the benefit of the citizens of Oklahoma and to advance activities to support marginally producing oil and natural gas wells. Show your support for SOER support with these sleek grey embroidered hats.

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) and Air Regulations Update


Highlights of SPCC rules, regulations and common violations as well as permitting information of air regulations in OK, TX and KS.

Squeeze Cementing


Surface Production & Separation Equipment - Kimray / Cimarron


Kimray and Cimarron Energy partnered up to present a workshop on the structure and function of common separation and production equipment. Workbook does not include instructional type material, but has many labeled diagrams.

Surface Production & Separation Equipment - Kimray / SFI


Kimray and Superior Fabrication, Inc. (SFI) partnered up to present a detailed presentation that highlights different pieces of production and separation equipment used in the oilfield. This workbook contains detailed diagrams of equipment including 2 and 3 phase separators (horizontal and vertical), oil valves, heater treaters and gives diagrammatic overviews of typical oil and gas wells.

Water Management: Sourcing, Permitting, Disposal & Reuse


Presented by three state agencies, this workshop will compare current water use to both historical and future projections of water use, production and disposal for the oil and gas industry in the state of Oklahoma. Dr. Kyle Murray from the Oklahoma Geological Survey will discuss how different regions of the state produce and dispose of water differently and evaluate how this has changed over time. Rob Singletary and Kent Wilkins from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board will discuss sourcing and permitting and touch on different laws affecting operators. Mike Moore and James Phelps from The Oklahoma Corporation Commission will walk through regulatory issues related to Underground Injection Control (UIC), containment and compliance.

Water, Wetlands, Soil Farming and Dam Regulations


The Oklahoma Conservation Commission, Oklahoma Water Resources Board and Oklahoma Corporation Commission partnered to provide information regarding drilling, waste disposal and transport operations. The presentations help to identify Oklahoma's 2,107 flood control structures and regulations regarding work on or near them. Topics covered include water use permitting requirements, wetland identification and regulation, water quality impacts and soil farming.