Throughout the year, SOER hosts valuable workshops for industry professionals. These workshops are held in various locations around the state on a variety of industry-related topics. 

For more information on SOER workshops, please contact Tawnni Klaus via email at or by calling 405.601.2098.

Practical Applications of Bioremediation for the Small Operator

Participants will learn simple and economical methods to mitigate small spills using local or on-hand resources. Oklahoma State University, BEACON Environmental Assistance Corporation and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission will give guidance on when to report, how to contain, who to notify and what to do if you have new or old spills containing hydrocarbons or saltwater. The workshop will cover basic chemistry and simple calculations that will make finding the right solution accessible to the small operator.

Total workshop cost: $$100 / $125 Late | Schedule: 9:00am-4:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.

Ardmore: June 27, 2018

Southern Oklahoma Technology Center
2610 Sam Noble Parkway
Ardmore, OK 7340
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Packers, Plugs and Retainers

Packers, Plugs and Retainers targets the non-engineer/professional and focuses on giving an overview on the uses of packers, both permanent and retrievable plugs and cement retainers. They will also discuss perforating for completions, recompletions and remedial work. Economics of various operations will be discussed during each phase.

Total workshop cost: $50 | Schedule: 9:00am-12:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.

Tulsa: July 19, 2018

OSU Tulsa
700 N. Greenwood Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74106
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SPCC Rule Training and State and Federal Air Regulations

Preventing and containing spills while monitoring and complying with the evolving air emissions regulations can be time consuming and frustrating. Presented by industry experts from Enviro Clean Cardinal, this workshop can help you sort through the mess and stay in compliance with the latest updates. Note: This workshop will cover the updated OOOOa Rule in depth.

Total workshop cost: $100 / $125 Late | Schedule: 9:00am-3:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.

Ardmore: September 27, 2018

Holiday Inn Ardmore I-35
2207 N. Rockford Road
Ardmore, OK 73401
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Tulsa: November 15, 2018

700 N. Greenwood Ave.
Tulsa, OK 7410
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Artificial Lift

The goal of the artificial lift workshop is to get a more advance understanding of artificial lift systems. This workshop will cover electric submersible pumps, gas lifts, and rod lifts. You will walk away with a complete understanding of what each system can, and can’t do, which will enable you to know when and where each of these artificial lift systems will fit in your operations.

Total workshop cost: $100 (>7 days in advance of workshop) $125 (within 7 days of workshop) | Schedule: 9:00am-4:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.

Clean L.A.W. - Land.Air.Water

Attorneys and representatives from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, the Oklahoma Conservation Commission, and Chesapeake Energy Corporation will discuss how specific aspects of federal laws affect oil and gas operators and producers. Topics will include the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts with a discussion on wetlands, erosion and non-point v point source pollution. RCRA, and CERCLA will also be covered.

CLE and PDH credits will be offered.

Total workshop cost: $100 / 125 Late | Schedule: 9:00am-4:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.

Gas Contracts: Understanding the Full Value Chain

This workshop will give participants a midstream operations overview including a discussion on basic contracts and valuations with shrink calculations. The presenters will go into detail about different contract structures and identify clause descriptions and their purpose. There will also be a discussion on gas and liquids marketing – how it works, where it goes and price determination.

Date pending. Please check back.

Total workshop cost: $100.00(early)/125.00(late) | Schedule: 9:00am-3:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.

Leasing in Today's World

As the Oil and Gas industry has evolved, so has the Oil and Gas Lease. The Oil and Gas Lease is the basic instrument used in oil and gas development that controls the relationship between the operator and mineral owner. This relationship is can be adversarial, but should be symbiotic.

An Oil and Gas Lease is the document that controls how payments and future exploration will occur. It is the legal instrument executed by a mineral owner that grants the exclusive right to another to explore, drill and produce Oil and Gas from a particular piece of land.

This class will examine some of the recent clauses that are have become popular, while examine how they affect the operator as well as the royalty owner. Remember, virtually everything in the Oil and Gas Lease is negotiable.

Total workshop cost: $0.00 | Schedule: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.

Navigating State Forms: A Panel Discussion with the OCC and OTC

Everyone could use a little help understanding the forms, rules and regulations that affect the oil & natural gas industry in Oklahoma. Join individuals from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Oklahoma Conservation Commission and the Oklahoma Tax commission as they help review and answer questions about where to find, how to complete and when to submit some of the most common forms associated with operating an oil or gas well in the state. Topics include e-permitting, lease location and database searches, protecting natural dams and/or existing flood structures, how to properly complete common forms, UIC forms and compliance, as well as assistance from the Oklahoma Tax Commission on reciprocating forms that are required for operators.

Total workshop cost: $100.00(early)/125.00(late) | Schedule: 9:00am-4:00pm
Please register early, seating is limited.